Post #16 Pelargonium Podcasts

In this interview you will discover:
– What winter and summer growing Pelargoniums are and what you need to know to grow them at home
– That there are a few varieties of Pelargoniums native from Anatolia that can resist cold winters with frost and snow
– Into which sections the genus Pelargonium is divided and in which habitats we find species of these sections
– How Pelargonium species characteristics can change depending on their exact habitat
– Why long nectar-tubes of Pelargoniums make them interesting for studies of insects and co-evolution

In this second part of the interview you will discover
– Why climate change is especially impacting plants in small, geographical niches
– What the value of biodiversity is for our world
– What you should never do when you find interesting plants in the wild
– Where you should go in South Africa when you want to see a large diversity of Pelargoniums in their natural habitat.
– Whether you need a greenhouse to be able to grow Pelargoniums
– What the International Geraniaceae group can do for you
– Where you can find information and pictures about Pelargoniums and their habitats

With thanks to Judith Lundberg-Felten, Flora-L Design AB.

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